I can’t believe how chilled…

For the first time in a long time I had to put a sweat shirt on last night.  It was very breezy and as the sun was setting and I was trying to ward off another headache it got much cooler.  Of course I kept the fans on and that probably made it worse.

The headache eventually went away but I still feel that I have a pillow or strong allergy to the mattress.  There is a cover still on it but the sheets are so stretched out they have pulled off from it.  I have always gotten a headache when I sleep on mattresses without the sheets.  I may have to get new pillows again.  Or more bed linens.

I have been thinking about what Cheryl said about perhaps renovating the house where I can stay here with the cats.  It was something Liz had mentioned once before to me.   If memory serves me Liz had once suggested that we make the dining room my bedroom (as we did for Mom’s final days).  We probably would put up a few extended walls where the laundry area was and the entry towards the living room.  I would like to still be able to have company and friends over if I ever had people over for dinner.  Meetings if necessary.  What we would do with the second level?  Block it off?

Ever since the conversation about the cats I have been trying to reassure both Sky and especially Tiger that no one would ever tear us apart or make me give up either of them.  I think I was trying to reassure myself that I would not let that happen.  I was getting a little weepy about it too. : Bites lip:  So what better way to make myself feel better?  Watch Nature program about orphaned animal babies.  NOT!

For the second time in a couple of weeks Miss Tiger came upstairs at bed time walked around the bed and took off.  This is indicative of the seasons changing.  Of course just as I am writing this she hopped up on to the cedar chest next to Sky.

This morning after breakfast Sky and Tiger were getting their early morning workout.  They were running through the house and upstairs and down.  All I could think of is what would the neighbors think in the condo?

Today work should be fairly busy it is “Month end” and I have a big batch of refund checks that I need to mail out and that should take a better part of the day depending on the mail.  I probably have to work on the E-learning for the rebranding.  I didn’t take the others last week.

Later this afternoon is the Rita’s fundraiser at dinner time.  I need to come home and bring a chair to sit on while I am there.  It will be an interesting couple of hours.  We have a board meeting next Sunday.  I might tell Dr. T that AH wants to come and rejoin on a limited basis.  I have no idea what Aggie has in mind but it would be interesting if we had a membership spurt.

Well off to work I go…J



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