Mid Week Reflection

Earlier this week I said farewell to Roberta as she returned home after her two week visit with me and the rest of her friends.  She made an overnight stop to her sisters in Somers NY and on Monday headed back.  She made it home sometime before 7:30.  We would amazed how quickly the two weeks went by.  I know I was exhausted every night and went to bed late every night too.  Roberta may be coming back up in a couple of months.

As you may all remember I mentioned that we are beginning the process of looking to downsize to condo living.  I had heard from my niece who is a real estate agent and she is still putting together a binder for me to better understand and help me decide on the condos.  The biggest obstacle is finding a place that will accept two pets.  Even if I outright buy the condo I would have to abide by the association rules and regulations.  You wouldn’t believe the suggestions to ignore that do what I want with the cats.  We were supposed to be meeting this Sunday but that even may be a no go.  Sunday seems to be busy for all of us.

This past weekend was the Oyster festival and I had to bail on the DTC team for our tent and our bid to raise funds for the candidates.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one as I found out tonight.  However there was enough coverage and according to an email we did very well.    We have a tent every year and we usually sell fried dough.  We have a meeting tomorrow night.

Tuesday night my woman’s Club and girls club had their end of summer fundraiser over at Rita’s Italian Ice.  Most of us took turns serving Italian Ice and desserts to customers and a percentage and tips donated to our club.  WE did very well.  We were saddened to see that it got dark by 8 pm.  Clearly the summer is drawing to end.    We have a board meeting this weekend along with an ice cream social as membership drive.  Dr. T has said that she wasn’t sure if all the international students that joined last year would be returning yet because they won’t be returning to the US until a few days before school starts. 

My health is steady for now.  I did have a few headaches that were annoying me but they are gone.  As I mentioned I have been exhausted but I think it had to do with the heat, weather, and constant activity.  I have been eating pretty well.  I have had some aches and pains but minimal.  I will have to apply the metro gel as my face is starting to break out again.  I have my Benlysta infusion later today and next month a few doctors’ appointments.  I probably should start the CPAP machine again but I have been far too lazy for that.

Work has been pretty busy for me.  Both the mail and the new data entry projects with Refunds have kept me busy.  Along with all the other things I have been doing of late.  Friday I will be participating in a Union Lit drop in town.  It will be two hours long.  I thought it was a meeting or a rally.  I hope I am back in time for my co-workers farewell party. 



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