Saturday Doings

I feel much better than I did yesterday when I wrote about being overwhelmed.  I managed to get a lot done including getting stuff at Staples and Pet store.  I managed to put on my big girl pants and get the things I have been avoiding doing. 

I went to bed fairly late last night but I still was able to go to sleep even with the extra cup of coffee.  Sky came up on the bed for a bit but not in his usual spot.  He has had had a fascination with my feet.  I have the scratches to prove it.

The kitties spent a good part of the evening down in the cellar but I was able to get them up and keep them up for the night when I refilled their kibble.  They managed to keep themselves occupied until bed time.  I am anxious to see if they will like the new canned cat food I got.  It’s the Fancy Feast medley (in sauces).  They always seem to leave some behind in the dish but I can never tell if they liked it or not.  They left the pate in their dishes yesterday.  Today they are sleeping or looking out the window.

Today I got my hair done and as usual Karen did an awesome job.  As you can see above. My next appointment will be the second week of October.  I am not sure if that’s when I will get the permanent again or not.img_20160827_113104.jpg

Later this afternoon I am meeting up with Dave for our birthday celebration.  His birthday is the 15th of August and of course mine is next week.  I never know what to get him anymore.  I don’t see him as much as others do and (that’s an issue for our mutual friends btw).  So we resort to Dinner and “catching up with each other:.  I have yet to tell him about the condo search and that’s probably a topic of conversation.  I am pretty sure we will have the discussion about limited pets issue in condos.

I heard from Liz this morning and she was telling me about her time with the grandkids.  She was exhausted and it continues again today into tomorrow while their parents or working or in a 5k race in Newington.



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