A busy Afternoon

This afternoon I have quite a bit to do.  First is my bingo then I am meeting with my realtor Niece to begin the process of the condo search.  Then after that is the MYWC board meeting and ice cream social.  You would think I was really looking forward to all of it.  I am not.

I ended up vomiting this morning from something I had for dinner last night.  It was very spicy and it apparently didn’t sit well with my stomach.  I am surprised it didn’t start last night but it didn’t happen until this morning as I was feeding the kitties.  All I want to do this morning is sleep.  I am not sure drinking coffee is going to be helpful.

So about last night?  I was a tad late but waiting for the table was going to be a half hour if we wanted to go out on the patio.  So we waited and talked about everything.  It was pretty good but I still would get annoyed with him for things he either didn’t hear me or wasn’t listening.  We did a lot of catching up.  We even ran into a former classmate of ours as well.  I didn’t get home until 10. 

When I got home I notice the porch light wasn’t on.  It turned out the light blew out so sometime while I was out so I need to get them replaced.  Luckily I do have two light bulbs. Now just need to get someone to do it… (Looks towards neighbors who did it for me before…)

I wish I had a camera with me this morning.  Two Osprey hawks were in Neighbor Don and Pam’s yard this morning.  One was on the rooftop and the other flew into trees.  I emailed Don to tell him.  They were making a lot of noise.  I think this is the first time they have actually landed on the house and in the yard.  Usually gliding in the sky above.

Well I better gather my things together and get ready for the afternoon.  I was going to wear a nice dress but I don’t want to be wearing it all afternoon.  I think I will wear the outfit I wore last night (white pants, gold lace white shirt).


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