Monday musings

I get so frustrated (like many others) when I am trying to merge into traffic and it seems no one is willing to let you in.  Do you want to know how many times I called people Little Fuckers?  It’s like if I did that I would get epitaphs that would make a sailor blush.  I really didn’t need this as school was starting (no problems with that today the rest of the week not so sure) and this week is a short week for me.

I messed Livia up today.  I really wasn’t sure if she was coming today or tomorrow so I sent her a text message before leaving the house asking her plans.  When I didn’t hear from her before I left I presumed it was tomorrow.  I locked up the house.  I heard from her just before 9 this morning telling me she was coming today.   We tried to make arrangements for another day this week she can’t.  She also said she comes on Mondays every other week.   So she will look at her schedule and see.

Work went well despite confusion on where to put work that I have been putting on one desk.  So the work I was giving to one person who is out on leave is now going to SR.  She didn’t seem happy about it but I had checked with supervisor and he felt it would be okay to leave it there as long as someone would pick it up and disperse it.  The mail volume itself was light so I worked mostly on the refund data entry.

My condo discussion with Liz and Cheryl went exceedingly well.  We discussed whether or not I was looking for the condo to please my siblings or not.  Liz then said don’t do it.  We discussed options such as buying a smaller 1 floor house or making renovations to the house now where I can have a bedroom on the first floor and add an addition.  So for now me and the fur babies are staying where we are.

The officers meeting went well also.  The girls had a lot of great ideas for the projects and activities.  It will be great to see what comes to fruition.  We have four potential members that attended the ice cream social.  It was really fun watching girls talk among themselves about school and activities and stuff in general.

I have the job of reserving dates for our sing—a-long and gift delivery in December.  We are going to do our Veteran’s Day service at the other nursing home this year as we have in the past.  All in all a lot of great things coming up.



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