The Do not Call List

Last night I heard the answering machine beeping.  I checked it and it was some law firm talking about a “law suit”.  The number they gave me I looked up and it was one of those IRS scam numbers.  I called the number on the ID and knew it was a scam and they wanted my name.  I told them I would contact the law if they call me again.  This is about the third or 4th time I have gotten these calls.

So my question is what is the point of having the FEDERAL “Do not call list”? When these kinds of scams continue?  I got a couple of the “Fireman’s and Policeman’s Association” calls last month and I had just put my numbers on the lists.

I did get a message from Livia she was able to arrange her schedule for today to come and clean the house after 12:30. I was grateful.  I left her money and access to the house.  She won’t have to make my bed since I changed the sheets last night.  I didn’t do the guest room yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if she does it before I get home.

Work has been good.  The mail volume very small so I worked on the refunds for most of the day.  We have one more day until the rebranding begins.  We found out the company that was helping with the rebranding went under so the stationary that we were expecting won’t be here for another couple of weeks so we have to use up the stuff we do have.  I actually still have more e training to do.  If I get lots done today I may spend the afternoon working on the training sessions.

We got word yesterday and late last week the NLRB has ruled that Grad students can and will be recognized as unions where ever they are.  Local 33 is filing certification papers with the NLRB to be certified so they can vote on unionizing.

I received message that the LH alumni bulletin will be coming out soon.  I don’t remember if its digital for me or hardcopy.  It will be cool either way.  I still have to remember to send Miss S her birthday card.  It was requested that we all send one by a deadline and so she could get them all.

Apparently I need to catch up on some Endicott alumni emails.  I missed a whole bunch of stuff including a news letter, activities and invites (not that I can easily attend them).  I will update once I go through them.



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