My Weekend has officially Started

Well my Weekend has officially started.  I managed to clean up my desk and organize and leave what I was unable to finish there.  In all likelihood it will be waiting for me upon my return.  The mail volume was small but took up a better part of the day while the other half was the refund checks.  Since the Guardian wasn’t there today I had to do all the things she would do.  Well of my job not so sure she would want me to do the really administrative stuff.

I went to my appointment with Debra but got calls from her letting me know she was running late so I had to wait.  We talked about my birthday, the condo search, family.  She feels when the time comes and I have to leave this house we will do it.  For now this is where I should be.

After our session I caught the bus at the green and headed to the Garage to pick up my car.  $96 dollars later I drove home and spent a fairly quiet night in front of the TV and then to bed.  I did make a late night dinner of pork chops.

I think I was in bed by 9:30 or so and Sky wanted to make sure I was there.  He cuddled with me for a while and then he slept at my feet for few more hours.  Throughout the night I did get up for bathroom breaks and stuff and the next thing I know it was 5:30 and someone was trying to wake me up!  (Hint: it wasn’t Tiger).  I ignored Sky until about 6 and then got up and did our routine.

I spent the next few hours watching Charmed go from the series finale to the series early days.  I did end up falling back to sleep and missed the first two episodes.  I also watched BBC’s Star Trek TNG marathon.  They also were airing the final episodes and the first season episodes as well.

When I finally did get up I wrote some emails to pen pals and surfed the net, and did some cleaning here and there.  I did some grocery shopping late in the day and then before dinner did some weeding in the flower bed outside.

We have been under a Tropical Storm watch all day and have had updates to the Hurricane Hermine.  It hit land in a place called St Marks Florida around 1:30 this morning.  It has been cloudy on and off all afternoon.  We may get remnants of it on Sunday.  IF truth be told I wouldn’t mind the hurricane.  We need the rain but we certainly don’t know the devastation. 

There was a news alert that Geoff Foxx ( former Connecticut Weatherman who left a couple of years ago after being fired  from a Local Fox channel for inappropriate behavior.) has announced he has pancreatic cancer.  He announced it on his blog today.

Well I have to start the dishwasher and I might do some laundry and then go to bed for a while.



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