Still Waiting

Still waiting on Hurricane Hermine to hit.  I am betting though I am going to be highly disappointed in this.  Even though it was so beautiful (and at times very cloudy) nothing really happened here.  Constant updates and preparation reports.  Late last night Yale sent out the alert about keeping an “eye” on the storm and that preparations will be in place in case of power outages and stuff like that. 

Today has been nice and cool.  I have only the ceiling fans on and windows opened.  Admittedly there have been a few moments where I have been under the covers.  I really don’t know how it will be by the end of the day or tomorrow.

Yesterday was a busy day.  It started early with Liz’s visit.  We worked on the check book and somehow I am 54 cents off.  I am not sure how considering I have been doing it for the past couple of weeks and its been to the penny.  A part of me is rather annoyed.  I will take a look at it again another time. 

After the checkbook we checked the credit cards and noticed a credit balance of $35 and change on one.  We were trying to figure it out (it was for the LJ payments) and no sooner did we figure out that a check arrived for the same amount in the mail.  So I will make a trip to the bank soon.

The next project to do was the porch light.  I wanted to be the one to change it but it was too high for me and made me unsteady while standing on it so Liz had to do it.  There were so many bugs and gross stuff coming out of it that we had to clean it.  We got it cleaned up and put it together but noticed it didn’t go on first and then it did.  The short version is-we need to have an electrician look at it.

I am not sure what time it was but the next we cleaned out the closet in my old bedroom. Several bags later and pile of clothes that need to go to the cleaners it was much better.  Now I have to look through catalogs and stores to look for new clothes.  I still have more dressers to see if stuff there is needed to be tossed.  I have to look more on the shelfs to see what I need to toss. 

It was sometime after 12 when we finished when I received a call from DR. T.  She wanted me to come to the Car wash.  I was really confused as the last I heard it had been cancelled or rescheduled for next week.  Well it seems that by the end of the meeting last week we had enough people for it.  So I rushed getting showered and getting the bags into the garbage and took off.

I got updates from Dr. T regarding the car wash it was slow but many gave us $20.  It picked up towards the end of our event. We had a few moments to discuss work, family, and friends who were in the hurricane.  I left once we were all cleaned up.

I headed to Good Will to drop off the bag and then headed to Kentucky Fried chicken to have dinner.  I brought it home with me.  I had a couple pieces of the chicken and the fries and the beans.

The rest of the night I watched TV, had a call from Debbie C. with news.  They were successful with the HOA interview and Stan has moved into the new place and now they can proceed with the move.  So Debbie is starting the process of finding movers, and selling their place. 

I have also fallen back to sleep a few more times since starting this.  Sky is at my feet asleep and tiger is downstairs.  I checked in on her a couple of times and that’s where I found her.  I would love it if she came up stairs but I won’t force it. 

Well I am going to relax before I have to get ready for bingo and hopefully see if the cleaners is open today.  If not I can take it Tueday.



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