Why is it when we have a holiday during the week it seems it should be short week and something always seems to make it longer and then…we sit there saying OMG its Friday already?

Debra and I never connected last night and we are trying to arrange something for either tonight or over the weekend.  I just have to remember to keep the phone near me.

The wedding shower for VC yesterday was lovely despite that many didn’t show up right away and the guest of honor was there before most of them (of course I was there in plenty of time).  Cash was the gift of the day and cake that was delicious.

There was a shooting near the Medical School area (off of Congress Avenue) and the area was locked down until  it was cleared up.  It is an area that I am familiar with and have driven through in the past and yesterday I made sure I avoided it.  Of course we keep avoiding areas such as this we wouldn’t go anywhere.

Today has been fairly quiet.  I guess there is a meeting my Supervisor and Assistant DIR went to this morning.  So it’s quiet even in my aisle.  I think there is only four people in my aisle right now.

It may be quiet here but there a bunch of stuff going on around the campus.  There were lectures on history, medicine and of course next Monday is the Universities 9/11 memorial over at Beniecke Plaza.  There are lots going on at the Libraries and museums that have piqued my interest.  I just don’t know if I can get back there with everything I have planned for this weekend.

Towards the end of the morning we received a death notice from the Dean of Med announcing the passing of Pediatrician M Wessel at the age of 93.  He has lived here in New Haven and was an Alumni of the Med School.

In Milford there is going to be a  9/11 service but there is also a memorial to one of Milford’s own and his name is Mike Miller.  There is a gathering at a local restaurant here in town that will honor his memory.  There have been some people who want to go but won’t because it’s expensive at this particular restaurant.

The kitties are doing pretty well.  They seem to like the food I got them this week.  Its still the Fancy Feast Medley but not as the creamy sauce more like gravy.  They seem to like the kibble too they were pretty much eating it of the container I had put it in.

My hip is still bothering me a little (not enough to get it checked out so don’t go there).  I know it’s the weight and I also know it’s because I haven’t take the medicine regularly.  Now my neck is stiff and it’s hard to turn it around.

After work I will see Liz and catch up with her.  I may even do my  grocery shopping tonight before going home since I will be at the Shop Rite.


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