Saturday doings

Today is going to be a lazy day for me. I have stuff to do such as cleaning the bathroom and the laundry again. I have to rewrap the chickens and the steaks I bought last night. But my neck and shoulder hurts right now. It’s the same problem I have had a few times a year. I turn my head and neck and it feels like a massive pinch. It hurts if I move it quickly or just a slightly. I want to say it’s the way I slept on it but it could be anything. I took the meds for it so hopefully they will kick.

I had a great time with Liz and Nelson last night. We had steak and salad. We chatted about family stuff catching up with those we haven’t heard from except through Facebook like our sister-in-law. I asked her about the furnace stuff, and told her about the pet sitting gig.

Today is the Closer to Free Ride sponsored by the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale.   It is a fundraiser that started a few years back to raise funds for Cancer research at the Smilow Center. IF you go to YouTube and search for Flash mob for Closer to Free and see the most awesome video done in the Union station in New Haven. Anyway the cyclists can pick four different routes through the New Haven area. It is much like the Folks on Spokes organization as well. Oh yes it is a takeoff from the song Closer to Free from the group BoDeans Group in 1993. It makes me cry every time I see it. There are also other BTS videos on how it was done. I have a couple of friends in the ride.   I hope the weather holds out for them.

It was so humid last night I put the fans back on and almost put the AC on and slept in the guest room. It’s a little better now but it could be worse later.   It is about mid 70’s right now and could go up to mid-80 and cloudy. I really would like it to rain but that’s between me, you and the wall.

BBC-America is still airing the Original Star Trek marathon today. It may be the only thing I am watching. I also know there will be much on the 9-11 anniversary. I don’t know if I could really relive that.



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