A great afternoon

Shortly after I posted my Saturday post I ended up falling asleep for an hour or so.   I woke up and who decided to sit with me at my head but this guy:  sky-and-mom-reading-the-computer-9102016 I took this picture of us and then shared it everywhere.  I was flabbergasted because he has never done that before. 

After the photo session I decided to call Mardi.  We had a great conversation.  We talked almost half hour about everything including our fur babies.  I really enjoyed it.

The rest of the day I did some laundry and watched TV.  I did some cooking.  I cooked the roast beast.  I ended up having a late dinner and cleaned the kitchen and went to bed.  Sky stayed by my head for most of the night.

Today I got up around 6:30 but I wasn’t feeling well.  I may have had too much of the crispy fat from the roast beef last night.  The cats were fed and I laid down for a while.  I feel better now and have been watching TV.

The sun is out now but it was questionable this morning.  I am hoping now we don’t get rain because the club is doing the beach cleanup this afternoon.  I will be getting to the activity late because I have the bingo first.

Well its time for me to get ready…



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