Monday Musings

Really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  It was a cool and crisp morning too and I didn’t like my choices for outfits today.    I had to change and iron a few pieces.  No one has said anything but I really do need to get some new clothes that fit properly.

Work was fine.  Some co-workers returned after a medical leave and we learned of Team Lead LC’s father’s passing.  Most of us on Facebook knew about it over the weekend.  We had a meeting with the Admin of the Med school for a State of the Yale Medicine.  It was a brown bag lunch which was good.

Livia will be cleaning the house tomorrow. I got a late day text from her yesterday asking me if that would be okay.       I say why not?  Considering she rearranged her schedule for me last week. 

I heard from Liz tonight she says the Ladies’ Guild has a meeting tomorrow night and if I was interested I should go.  I have to pick up something because it’s a pot luck meeting.  I will give it a couple of meetings before I decide to stay or not.

I had a nice conversation with Debra tonight.  We talked about the club’s activities, things going with work, and of course family stuff.  We will be meeting next Thursday (the 22nd) at our regular time.

Now I am going to bed…



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