Mid Week Reflection

I can’t believe we are in Mid-September already.  There is just eight days left of the summer and I am starting the new season of activities in all aspects of my life.  Work, community service, health, and family.

Work is keeping me busy with various stuff.  The rebranding is moving along with some degree of shortstops.  We had a departmental meeting on Monday (sort of last minute notification) that discussed updates and expectations.  We can expect more Doctors to Join us in the Medicine.  ETA for the move to a new renovated location is late 2017 to early 2018.  We have a couple of retirements coming up in the next couple of weeks.  More to follow.  Sadly, the Med school lost another great Dr.  He worked in Therapeutic Radiology and was Dr. Cardinale.  Contract negotiations continue.  We have a huge membership meeting the end of this month.

Last night I joined a Ladies Guild at St Mary’s church in Milford.  I knew a few people there and have already signed up for activities so far.  The first one is this weekend at the plant and bake sale after the masses.  My stint is after the last morning mass.  From there I will go to bingo.  They board meetings are usually the first Tuesday of the month and the General meeting is the second Tuesday of the month.  They have weekend activities such as the plant sales, there is an auction in October.  I am not sure what else they have at this moment.

Tonight is the first General Meeting of the 2016-2017 year.  I am one of the hostesses and will be bringing a snack.  We will discuss our summer activities, our fall activities that will bring us up to the Holidays.  It will be interesting to see how many of the girls from last year come in.  I did invite a woman and her daughter to the meeting (from the Guild).  I won’t hold my breath but it will be fun to see if they come.  I am waiting to hear from Rec Director Natalie to confirm dates for our holiday activities.  Not been really successful there.

I got an email from the VC of the DTC announcing the Grand Opening celebration for the Headquarters.  It is the same night as the 4th District so Chairman Phil sent out an email alert changing the location and time.  So that meeting will be at 7 for 30 minutes at HQ.  Senator Chris Murphy is supposed to show up.  Not sure who else but it will be fun to see.  Time for me to dress up.

This morning I had to use a heating pad for a little while for my hip.  It really didn’t do much because I can still feel it when I get up or turn or even if lean on it while sleeping (it made sleeping fairly difficult last night).  I know it’s because of the access weight so its Tylenol and heating pads for now until I work on the weight.  My stomach was feeling queasy this morning but its fine now (or I wouldn’t be eating the mini pizza from last weekend).

I have a dermatology appointment tomorrow at 4:15 so I am leaving early for that.  Of course my face has cleared for now (I don’t see the redness spots on my chin).  It won’t be a long one I am guessing.  I guess It will every six months.

I see the Hematologist on Monday but I was certain I was seeing the cardiologist that day too.  I was originally supposed to see him in December and it was moved to an earlier time that same month.  Anyway getting back to the hematologist I think we are still concerned about a blood clot forming again although there haven’t been clear indications to me that it’s happening.   he does want me to lose weight.


My infusion is next Wednesday and I hope I won’t be late again.  Last time it was 30 minutes due to a traffic jam.  I tried to call them but it has been suggested I call the Hamden office and they will forward the message.

Jim did very well in the Allentown 9-11 memorial 5K.  He is also working as a limo driver part time.  He continues to work at Hertz in the same town.  His kids all went back to school but I need to catch up with them myself.  He doesn’t always seem to know what they are doing.  He also doesn’t see him as much.  He hasn’t pushed me about the condo search too much but I don’t think he knows I have also stopped.  I need to make plans for Thanksgiving with him soon.

Liz and her family are all doing well.  The younger generations are getting back into a regular routine with school, jobs.  Most of them don’t have any extracurricular things going really.  Well Nephew Chris and fiancé are planning an autumn wedding (if I am remembering right).  Nephew Nelson will be running in a 10K in Mid-January for Star wars Light and Hope Foundation.

My SIL Ethel and her family are doing well.  Not a lot of communication with them except a few emails and Facebook postings.

Last but certainly not least…my critters.  They are doing well.  Tiger was exceptionally loveable yesterday.  She was rubbing back and forth on my legs last night as though I was her long lost friend.  Sky thought he died and went to heaven when he was let into the cellar.  I hadn’t been letting them go down there much this past week.



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