We finally got rain

Well we finally got some rain.  IT started just as I was leaving the house and it was coming down hard.  I was drenched by the time I got to the car and that was because I had to fix the garbage can again.  I think there is something blocking the paths of the gutters because it was coming over the sides.  My outfit was dried by mid morning.

Today should be fairly quiet regular Monday stuff.  Refunds and mail.  IF there is a lull anywhere today I may catch up on the e tests that we have to take.    Several of my co-workers had their long term service breakfast.  Mine should be next year.

I am still over the moon about this weekend.  If you remember I was getting together with my sister to bake for the Ladies guild bake sale.  So we indeed got to the shopping and by noon started “the baking”.  I did the cheesecake by myself while Liz did the “apple pie cookies”.  I helped her with the rest of it.  It was nearly 3 when I left and headed home.  I had to change my blouse and then went and did some errands.

Sunday was the Plant and bake sale and I think we did very well.  There was also a centennial birthday party after one of the masses and we were invited to join in.  I met a few more people and found out one works in Lab Medicine.

Bingo went exceedingly better and I was quite pleased to see that Girls Club Anya fulfilled her promise to come to bingo.  Renewed my hope in the girl’s club. I just had to review some papers and sign them regarding Patients’ rights.  This stemmed from a complaint that I spoke rudely to a resident.  N wasn’t angry or didn’t seem like it and she didn’t seem disappointed in me either but it was tough.

After bingo I did some errands and then went home.

I spoke to Jim last night.  We made tentative plans for Thanksgiving.  I am planning on going down there.  He will start looking for places now.  He thought it was too early.  He did catch me up with the kids.  All but Kris returned to school.  No reasons given but I hope he reconsiders.

Dr. T sent out emails regarding this year T-shirts/sweat shirts/ looking for sizes and colors. Reminded those who haven’t paid their dues they need to before they can order them.  The issue with one of the applications was resolved.  One of the girls took it back so the parent could sign it.

We got an invitation to attend Sen Slosberg’s Presidential Debate party for September 26, 2016.  We will party and then watch it at her home.  I think I would like to go.  Alderman Anderson also sent an alert out regarding public speaking on electronic bill boards…A business owner would like to have a couple along I-95 on the highway through the town.  Apparently people feel it’s a distraction.


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