Lap Top withdrawl

The laptop was going through a major update and I couldn’t use it for nearly two days at least.  It felt like forever and I even turned it off last night and it started back up to the updating.  IT was nearly ¾’s done anyway. So while it was updating I used PC in my room.  Anyway this morning it was working and I could use it.

My appointment with the Hematologist was good.  All the numbers were good.  No sight of BC, white cells were up, Anemia not showing.  He would like to see me lose weight.  I would too.  I see him again after the New Year.

I picked up dinner from Adams again this time it was chicken and bruschetta for the chips.  They were both good but I made an attempt to not to eat the rest of the bag of chips.  I thought for sure I would have aches and pains but not that much just the shoulder again.

I had a close encounter with a skunk last night.  It was just around 7 and it was just getting dark and it was in the yard.  It was rather large and mostly white with the black stripe down the back.  The cats and I were watching it intently.  I took so many pictures of it.  It then headed towards the front yard near the garbage cans and so I went to see it and got close until its tail went up.  I did what any sane human would do went back inside.

The rest of the night I watched TV and ended up getting into bed after 8.  Sky joined me for a while and then when it was time to go to sleep.

Today should be fairly busy.  Refunds again, and the mail.  After work I will do laundry, shopping (online), and start grocery shopping preparations.   Of course play with kitties.

I had a nice chat with Liz this morning.  She was wondering how I was feeling after the weekend success and talked about the holidays, family, and of course the weight problems we both have.

Tonight is the season premiere of NCIS and the series premiere of Michael Weatherly’s show Bull.  In the past I am usually excited.  This year not so much. I am not sure exactly why.  IT could be the atmosphere on the forums that are influencing this feeling but also I haven’t like the writing in a number of episodes and for the writers to pander to the really soapy operas’ story line was an insult to the fans, the actors, and viewers.  I am not feeling the “love” for Wilma either.



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