Not going as Planned

Today was supposed to be my Benlysta infusion but I got a call this morning from the tech saying the insurance (AETNA) hadn’t authorized it yet even though they promised it would be. I had planned on going to the grocery store to do some much needed food shopping right afterwards.  May have to call the insurance company when I get home.

I think I will like being in the Ladies Guild despite some of the “warnings” I have gotten from both Dr. T and Sis.  Every group has their clicks and personalities. Case in point my own club, and committees that I have been on.  It depends on my reaction and my own personality.  I had a good time at the bake sale this weekend and was particularly pleased when my contributions to the bake sale came out well and went fast.  It also will help me get back into going to church and finding that spiritual center.

I just got an email last night from Dr. T.  the date for the first of the Cancer bracelets is October 2.  IT will be for two hours so I have signed up for early morning and then I can go to bingo from there.  I don’t know when the other date is for the bracelet selling.

The DTC has the grand opening of HQ as we wind down this years Campaigning.  I am pretty sure the pressure is on to get the word out on the local candidates and to get people to the polls on Election day.

The kitties had fun watching a skunk in our back yard earlier this week.  I thought for sure it would go under the back room but I am thinking it went under the front porch when I saw it go to the front yard.  Its time for moth balls.


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