Grand Opening

I can’t believe I forgot there would food at the Grand Opening last night.  I had dinner before I went (probably so I wouldn’t overdo it) but that didn’t stop me.   I lost track of how many slices I had.  I always lose track of how much I eat.  I also had some chips and dip and at one point dropped them onto the floor.

At least I signed up for volunteering to do some phone banking, and canvassing this weekend.  Tomorrow I will be canvassing from 10-1 and I believe I am phone banking on Sunday for a couple of hours late in the evening.  IF I find any other signup sheets for the other candidates I will be signing up.

The district meeting was quick but this one woman was really being obnoxious.  Now granted we were having a meeting as preparations for the Grand Opening were going on and people were arriving but this dill wad wants to adjourn the meeting because she can’t hear.  I really don’t like her.  She has in the past been rude at meetings and its distracting.


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