Weekend Doings

Friday night was an early night for me.  I had my infusion early in the day and met a fellow cat lover and we had a great talk (she has six and a dog) and we shared pictures of them.  The only thing that perturbed me was the tech/nurse didn’t give me the pre meds before the infusion.  She gave it to me when I mentioned it half way through it.  She doesn’t usually pre-med with infusions.  She better had or there are going to be some irate patients.    I left there around 5 and got back into town by 5:30.

I was toying with the idea of grocery shopping or not but I decided to do it since the route I took got me close to the store and to Sis’s and BIL’s house.  It took me an hour to shop and get most if not all the stuff I needed.  Once I was done I headed to Liz’s for a pit stop.  They had just finished dinner and were cleaning up.  I stayed for about half hour and then headed home.

When I got home I put away the groceries.  I had some dinner and then eventually went to bed.  I wasn’t feeling well since I left the infusion center.  The kitties came up and slept on the bed with me for a while.  When Tiger comes up to sleep and sit on the bed I know it’s getting cooler.

Saturday was the canvassing for Senator Slossberg and the area I got was near the hospital and I had walked with a young man named Ash (he was about 16 years younger than me and of course cute).  He was able to use a mobile app that gave us info on the people we were going to see.  It is all legal too so I really don’t want to hear it’s an invasion of privacy most state political parties use it.  WE had a lot of streets to do but a part of me feels we didn’t get a whole lot done we spent three hours on the main road and a few small streets.  WE hit about 52 houses   we got to talk to a couple of the voters and it was interesting.  We walked about 2 miles and by the time I got home I felt it.   I signed up for canvassing next weekend too.

Before going home I checked phone messages.  I got one from my nephew Rich.  He was returning my text/email to ask him for help to move the old rugs downstairs he was going to try later on that night after work or today.  He says he will call me before coming later the afternoon.  I will make it accessible for him to get them. 

After that I went to my sisters and didn’t stay long.  They were on their way to the ST Mary’s Carnival.  I left a short time later and headed home.  I was really tired and wanted to relax for the rest of the day.

I spent the rest of the afternoon either sleeping or watching TV.  I did have a late lunch of steak.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  I seemed to be doing that a lot this weekend.  I wasn’t feeling well so I turned in for the night and watched the Star Wars franchise.

This morning its fairly quiet doing some cleaning here and there and playing with the kitties.  They are sunning themselves in the back room.  I will be getting ready in a couple of hours for the afternoon.

This afternoon I have bingo, and church and the phone banking for a couple of hours.  I won’t be home until 8 pm.  I will be very tired but I have to make sure I do the laundry and probably clean the bathroom. 

Why will I have to clean the bathroom when Livia is supposed to come tomorrow?  A certain princess peed last night on the floor.  I cleaned it up then but it still needs to be washed down again because litter is everywhere.  I watched her crouch and she missed the flipping box altogether.   I really don’t want Livia to have to clean it up for the second month in a row.

Ever since the laptop had the big update almost every page I visit I get the message “website not responding”.  It is so aggravating.   I have to “recover it”.  It takes way too much time and I have been trying to send a couple of e-cards to people who have birthdays today.  I have had to walk away from this thing at least a half dozen times today.  It’s everything including the word-processing program.

It is a beautiful Morning/afternoon (now).  It’s about 60 degrees in the house and 50 outside.  I am sorely tempted to put the heat on but I am not going to unless it gets really uncomfortable.





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