Seriously considered

Man was it really cold yesterday.  I closed some of the windows and almost turned on the heat.  I decided to wait a day or so.  I may have to pull out the heavy blankets though.

Work went well.  Only a few things that snagged but it was resolved.  We have a new management team member but I can’t remember her name at this moment.  Sign-ups for the union meeting this week are going around I already signed up when it first came around a few weeks ago.  I worked on the re-address mail.  Spent the last two hours working on both the mail and the refunds as well.

After work I headed to Target and got three bags of jelly beans.  1 bag for home the other to give to my “supplier” Lee Ann.  Its only three weeks late.  I also went there to get one of those C-ring key chains and it just wouldn’t work all the keys I have need the little metal rings on them to be attached.  I went to the credit union and got money out for tonight’s event.

I came home by 5:30 or so to a beautiful clean house and the kitties waiting for me.  I had something to eat so I wouldn’t over indulge at the event tonight.  I watched TV and the kitties disappeared to our bedroom.   I went around the house and closed all the windows and took the AC out of the window and hopefully it won’t be so cold later.

Some sites on the laptop are still giving me grief so I went on the PC upstairs and sent some birthday cards to some friends who were celebrating birthdays today.


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