Came home early

Sometime after lunch my stomach felt queasy and I had the runs.  I decided that I would leave at 3:30 and come home.  Luckily I made that decision right after Debra called me to reschedule today’s appointment.  We will have a phone session tomorrow night. I got home around 4 and watched TV and got online the laptop was still acting wonky so I decided to split my time between that and TV watching.  Great thing though around 8 when it was really getting on my nerves I rebooted the laptop and it seems to be working fine.  I had been getting “site not responding” now I can go everywhere and not have to wait for the sites to catch up.   I relaxed after dinner and fell asleep on the couch with MS Tiger beside me.  She got up a few times roamed and then came back.  She is sleeping on the other couch and Sky is on the white chair (sometimes Tiger’s choice of sleeping spots).  I had already decided not to go to the meeting. When I finally had dinner it was rice and beans from Weight watchers and added extra cheese to it.  I also ate the rest of the opened shredded cheese (that was almost empty anyway).  I also had about 10 or 15 jelly beans.  Now I am drinking water even though I am still hungry.  I am really going to try and not eat my way to bed. I think I will head to bed now…grateful that my laptop is now working right..

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