Saturday Doings

Happy First Day of October.  I spent the latter part of the morning and early afternoon Canvassing in the Devon section of town.  I am not sure I got a lot done and had problems finding some of the houses and found that cross sections only had one street sign.  So I was all over the map literally.  I will have to finish the list myself either tomorrow or sometime this week.

When I got home I started laundry I was really getting anxious having to get these clothes off the table.  I also called the Oil guy back because I still couldn’t get the furnace to work.   I had called yesterday after I checked the furnace.  He came late this afternoon when I didn’t hear the furnace start.  It is working now.  When I talked with Liz this afternoon she felt bad that she may have messed it up.  I told her not to worry we learned something together (although privately and earlier I was a little pissed because he told me there was no need to switch the furnace off).

I haven’t finished the letter to Trish that I started last night and at this rate probably won’t until tomorrow night after my chat with Debra if I am not so tired.  Instead I watch the rest of the NCIS marathon that I thought I would I missed most of today.   Actually they are episodes I am not really wanting to see.

I heard from Liz this morning.  She was on her way home from a meeting but she wanted to know how the checkbook reconciliation was going and offered to come and help me with it.  Then she told me her neighbor that got married about a week and half ago died yesterday.  Apparently he was coming home from the doctors and had an embolism while waiting for a car.  His cancer returned and was getting it taken care of.  He leaves behind two young boys and his new wife.  I would surmise that the boys will now go to their mother.   

Yesterday was quite busy between a staff meeting with the Director and breakfast and lots of refunds mailing out.  AT least I had help.  J  Did I mention the breakfast made all of us quite nervous but it turned out okay.  I think.  I still have to review my notes on that one. 

Last night was fairly quiet.  I came home after heading to the post office (no bill there yet) and made myself some mini pizzas and watched TV.  I went to bed around 10. 


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