Mid Week Reflection

I was disappointed yesterday when I didn’t see any wildlife.  It was quiet.  I am not sure where that fox went to but I really do hope it comes back eventually.  It would be nice if we got deer, and turkeys again or even the rabbits.  Actually I am pretty sure the rabbits are still around.  They come at different times.  However, on the way to work I saw a dead carcass and thought it was a wolf.  It turned out to be a coyote.  It was on the highway.  I am not the only one who saw it either.   I made some calls and received a call confirming the siting.

I finally put on my big girl panties and managed to get the downstairs bathroom cleaned and the litterbox really cleaned out and it took me until about 11 Monday night.  Ten minutes later i find litter on the floor-again.  Then on Tuesday I found poop on the outside of the box.  *Facepalm* I am resigned to the fact I probably have to wash the bathroom floor more than a few times a week.  Especially if the litter gets wet when I shower. 

While I had my dinner tonight I folded clothes and put the rest of the clothes in the dryer.  I have to finish emptying the dryer and put garbage out for pick up tomorrow.  I really can’t wait for the new buckets to come… (They look like the recycle bins but in black).

I saw Neighbor Sylvia with her fur baby “Bobbi” Monday afternoon and she was carrying him and she told me he has kidney disease and is not doing well.  She is saying he is not heading to the Rainbow Bridge yet but he is one sick little boy.  It will break her heart though when the time comes.

The bills are all paid out for the beginning of this month.  Yesterday I got the bill for the PO Box and its due on Halloween.  I had gotten an email alert for the one I would have done by credit card.  I will get it done before long. 

I finally got a bill from Handyman Bill today after hearing from Lawyer Bob.  The original invoice wasn’t attached to the email so he finally got it to me and I set it up to be paid by Friday.  Liz made it seem like it was $200 or more.  I don’t know if it was her Swiss cheese brain or what but it wasn’t anything close to it.  Things like this make me question her intentions.

I have one more payment on one of the credit cards.  I had made a small payment on it this week (for Nelson2’s run in January) and forgot I used it two more times after that.  Will set that up for the next few days as well.

I had to send a message to Lawn Guy Tim.  The sidewalks look a mess.  I am not sure if they came and tried to edge the lawn or not.  Either that some animals were digging at it.

The weather here has been good.  Some clouds but no rain.  With all the focus on the newest hurricane Matthew and where it is heading I decided to call NC.  Mama Roberta to be precise.

She had been on the phone with our friend Debbie discussing plans for Debbie’s  move to Florida to be with her husband Stan.   According to the email I got from Mama R.  Debbie will head to NC where she will spend the night and then both will drive to Miami and from there Mama will rent a car and visit friends and her sister Marsha.  After that visit she will come back up to Miami and then fly back to NC.

Work was fairly busy today.  Many things happened that were great.  Between the Founders Day Celebration and good news for us.  Of course I spent most of the day working on refunds.  I even got to document some of them.

Earlier this week it was announced that School of Public Health has just hired a New Dean and he will start in January of 2017.  His name is: Sten H. Vermund.  He is from Vanderbilt University in TN.

Also Anthem is renewing its contract with us allowing our docs to remain in their network.  The news brought a huge sigh of relief to many of my admin team.  If the agreement wasn’t reached it would be very problematic for everyone.  Patients and Docs alike.

Well I need to finish a few things before going to bed and my energy level is waning fast.  Have a great night and see you tomorrow….





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