I was wondering why

I was quite surprised at the volume of traffic by quarter of the hour this morning and then it hit me like a Mack truck.  It is Columbus day Weekend!! People must have taken today off for the weekend.  I thought that right up until the slowdown in Long Wharf.  Let’s hope its light at quitting time tonight.

In the past I have taken this particular weekend off from work so that I could go Leaf peeping with Dave up north.  We haven’t done it in years we have taken motor coach trips too but again with his job and changes in our lives we haven’t.  I am pretty sure he went with Jim K. 

I found out some interesting news yesterday one of our Reimbursement Admin’s last day was yesterday.  It was quite sudden but she is moving out to Colorado.  I have worked with Sally for quite some time now and I will miss her.

I had a great session with Debra.  Basically talked about family relations, the events of the last few days and the upcoming holidays.  We plan on meeting next week.  It is a pretty safe bet that in December the last meeting will be the week prior to recess and the holidays.

I heard from Jim several times yesterday he was full of puns more than I usually am.  Anyway near the end of the day he let me know that his EX invited us for Thanksgiving.  So that pretty much saves his butt from looking any further.  I will still bring the pie and the cheese cake. 

Today was mostly refund checks and mail.  I was glad to be busy and now I am tired and hope to sleep well tonight.  I have to remember to request the day before Thanksgiving off so I can make it to Jim’s that day.  The Supervisor is only allowed to approve 8 people and so far three have been approved.

My thoughts and prayers to all the Floridians, Georgians, South and North Carolinians as they wait for the Hurricane Matthew to leave.  Please don’t send it this way..




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