I have been waiting for a night..

If you have been following my blog for a while you would know that I love Rainy weekend nights.  Those nights I can get in to my pajamas early and get into bed and either watch TV or get on the computer and enjoy the evening.  Sometimes I can hear the rain and some nights like tonight I really can’t.

The afternoon did pass quickly.  I decided to call Mama Roberta and we chatted for what was nearly 45 minutes and made me late for my hair appointment.  Anyway, Mama and I talked about the hurricane that neither of us really seemed to be getting.  The new neighbors and the neighborhood Halloween party that’s coming up.  She and Papa Mike will be visiting Daughter Miriam in the next week before that party.  We also discussed club business as well.

When I finished getting my hair done I was heading to the store then realized my phone was low on the battery and needed to be charged so I went home to charge (I really didn’t need to go at that moment anyway).  I stopped at the post office but there wasn’t anything there.

By the time I got home it was nearly lunch time so I had a healthy choice turkey dinner and it was quite delish. I binged watch a few shows and then got back on the computer to add more to the letter to Trish.

Around 2 it was starting to rain and I took off for the store.  I couldn’t believe that I walked into the store without the reusable bags, and the bottles to be refunded.  Now I will have to make a special trip for the bottles at some point.  It took me an hour to get almost everything on the list.  I also got some stuff that wasn’t on it and some stuff I ended up not getting but will have to before the day is out.

I it was nearly 4 when I got home and full on rain by then.  Not a steady rain but enough to start some puddles.  I put everything away and got on the computer again and also watched TV.

I made steak and had a salad that I bought already made from the store and watched TV along with some chips and salsa.  I was aware of how much I had too.  I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and sent the dishwasher through and now just surfing the net. 

The kitties spent most of the day sleeping in either the living room or sun room.  I spent some quality time with tiger too.  Right after I sat on her.  I had no idea she was in the rocking chair and I sat on her.  We both went flying out of that chair so fast.  I picked her up at one point and we cuddled and then she walked around and back on the chair. 


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