Pajama Day

It is just a little before 11 and I am still in my jammies.  I got up just before 6 and fed the cats and then fell back to sleep on the couch for an hour.  My original plan was to get out early and go to church but now I will be going at 4:30.  I am not skipping it no way no how.

Been surfing the net, and finishing last night’s entry and posting it. I got tired.  Updated my checkbook, answered some emails, and called the nursing home to tell them I wasn’t coming in today.

I started looking at some outfits on and saw a couple I wanted Liz’s opinion so I called her but alas she wasn’t feeling and out cold.  So I told (more like agreed) she could call me much later.  I have been trying really hard to honor her request on not calling daily and have been doing pretty well.   Actually now that I think of it she hasn’t called since our financial hour last week.  I guess I don’t have to feel guilty about calling her than. Right?

One of the emails I got was from Mama Roberta.  It would seem the Storm formerly Hurricane Matthew hit sometime late yesterday and caused a water main break in the area and now have no water.  Not sure how long it will be before it is repaired.

I actually need to start planning for the cooking session.  I am planning on making meatloaf and beef patties with chicken and turkey.  I found the recipe I used last year so I just need a couple of things.  I may have to do it tomorrow.

While I was writing up the minutes from the woman’s club meeting I received the newsletter from Dr. T.  There was a time change for the bracelet sale at Stop and Shop for the 16th.   That’s good. 

I had one of the simple health choice meals and its doing nothing for me.  I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich and it was okay.  This will have to suffice until dinner time.

The rest of the time I worked on the letter to Tricia in VA, watched TV, and did some laundry.  Late in the day I had mini pizza. 



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