I don’t know what’s going on

For two days now have been having a dry tickle in the throat.  This morning I started coughing for no reason.  I feel fine otherwise but for those two things.  I am thinking and I know this sounds gross but I was choking on my own saliva.  At break time I got my flu shot at the flu clinic at Harkness.  The line was very long but moved quickly.

I found out that Golden Corral Restaurants is moving into Milford where the old Hometown buffet was up until last February.  I can’t believe we are finally getting one.  We have been getting ads for it on TV for years.  I went to one in Raleigh when I was visiting Mama R and Papa M this past summer.

Late last week there was a dead body in a car found burning and today the identity was released to the papers.  The man was a member of the Devon Rotary in town and apparently embezzled money from them.  He went to jail and served a 3-year term for the embezzlement.  This is frightening that this stuff can occur and it has been suggested to me that it was a Mob hit.  That’s why its frightening.

Tonight is the second general meeting of the lady’s guild so I need to get ready for it.  We are having a nutritionist from Shop Rite speak to us on Nutrition.  We have to bring refreshments.  I have no idea what to bring.


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