Monday Musings

Happy Columbus day to everyone in the US and those abroad and for my Canadian Readers Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you enjoyed your holidays.  Since I work at the University neither apply to me.  The mail volume was lighter than it usually is.  So I spent most of it doing the refund letters.

I heard from Liz Sunday night (she had no idea I called earlier) anyway we talked for nearly a half hour to hour (we got disconnected).  She talked about meeting the future in-laws and the party they had.  She also gave me great news that I later found out on Facebook.  Young Mike and Young Ashley will be having another baby in March.  While his sister Jessica and husband Chris will be expecting again and barring any problems should have a baby in April.  

We also talked about the Thanksgiving holiday and where I will be spending it and she asked if that bothered me and I told her no it didn’t.  I just need to make arrangements for the kitties.

Since I went to bed late Sunday I was very tired today and plan on hitting the sack early. 



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