Mid Week Reflection

I would have to say it’s been a quite week with it being Columbus Day holiday weekend.  Did a few things here and there but quiet for the most part.  We had some rain but still need more and not sure if we are going to be getting it later this week.

We got some baby news from two fronts of the same branch of the family tree.  We should be seeing new babies come early to mid-spring.  I just love babies.  I am very happy for both couples and wish them the best.

Tuesday I went to my second Ladies Guild meeting and volunteered to sell the tickets for our auction in November.  I am in charge of them. Wee.  My friend Janet will come by tonight and give me everything and explain it to me.  It shouldn’t take too long because both of us have meetings to attend.

There was a dead body found in a burning car last week in town and the identity was released earlier this week.  The man had been a member of one of the local rotary clubs in town and was accused and guilty of embezzling money from the organization a few years ago and did his time.  It was told to me this morning that the man allegedly set the car on fire and then committed suicide in the car.

Yesterday there was plane crash in E. Hartford near Pratt and Whitney’s Corporate headquarters.  The pilot survived by the student didn’t and there is an investigation going on. The pilot is cooperating at this time.  It has tied up traffic all afternoon and night and this morning.  This should be interesting to see as time goes on unless it gets buried.

I missed a Union meeting yesterday it was actually a lunch time area update and basically we are doing a lunch time action to Cedar Street and hand over a petition.  I won’t be able to go because I have my infusion that day.  There will be plenty of other times to do it.

I am making arrangements for the trip to Allentown for Thanksgiving.  I put in my PTO request and it was approved as of Monday.  Now I am just waiting to hear from my neighbor Shea to see if she can watch the twins for me.  She doesn’t know her work schedule yet and her family plans are also uncertain too because of that.  I have two more options.  The guys down the street and of course my sister.  I still have to make the cheese cake and I can do that as the time gets closer.

The kitties are doing pretty good.  They were both sleeping when I left the house this morning.  They do seem to be active at night when I come home and then settle down as its time for bed.  They do get me up at the crack of dawn however.  That makes for some long days.



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