Good bye Little Prince

Seven years ago I met my neighbors newest ‘child’.  He was at least two pounds in the hand.  A Tiny lovable and hug able Yorkshire Terrier.  His name ranged from Mikey to Boppy to Pup-Pup.  He brought so much unconditional love to all who knew him especially his Mama Sylvia and the extended family.  Yesterday they said goodbye to him as he crossed over the rainbow bridge.

I did send an email card to her but she hasn’t seen it or acknowledged it yet.  I knew something was up even before she posted that he had gone.  She looked upset as she was talking to her sister yesterday.  I just didn’t feel right running over there yesterday.

I don’t know if she will get another puppy or pet in the near future (yes I realize it’s too early for some right now to think of that but I have seen others get new fur babies a short while after losing previous pets/fur children.)  It probably will be easier for her to move to a new place and find something.

Liz called me last night to invite me shoe shopping I declined.  I was too tired and I hadn’t been home very long and my intention was to go to bed as early as possible.  She did text me later to tell me she saw some that would be to my liking and I told her I would look at them on Saturday.

I had a great session with Debra.  We talked about work and the march through the city.  I talked about my Thanksgiving plans with Jim and his ex-wife.  We also talked about the organizations I belong to and what I am doing with them.

Work has been good.  I worked on the readdress mail for the first run and second run of mail for today and then I worked on the refund checks and mail for today.  I would have to say overall it’s been fairly quiet in the office.

I am going grocery shopping before I head home because well I need things again.  I also need kitty food as well.  Other than a trip to the credit union I will probably be in for the night once I get home.

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