Not going to be a long post

I am making this a short one tonight.  I am not feeling well and I am tired.  It started just as I was coming home tonight from work.

Had a busy day at work today.  I spent the morning working on refunds while the afternoon was the mail.  We are going to be promoting breast cancer awareness month by wearing pink all month (yes it’s almost over I know) and we will be having a breakfast sometime next week I heard.  I will try and find something pink besides my sweater.

I heard from Natalie today (had some cell phone interference) and finalized the list of what we can give at Christmas time to the residents.  I sent that list to Dr. T this evening.  Now if we are still running next year we will have this on record as I will be saving it in the computer files.

I had steak and potatoes and salad for dinner along with ahem frosting.  Didn’t eat all of it and no I don’t think that’s what causing my current problem.

The kitties are fine they are downstairs right now.  They came to the door as I came in tonight.  Sigh.  I am a happy Mama.

It’s about 70 in the house and the thermostat is at 60.  I had to open a window for now.  Someone mentioned it was Indian summer and I don’t doubt it.  We are supposed to stay in warm temperatures for the next few days and then get some rain next weekend.

Well that’s it for now.  See you in the morning..


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