I can’t believe how incredibly warm it still is yet at the same time it’s been breezy since I got home.   I actually noticed the temperature difference between New Haven and coming closer to the house.  It has to be about 77 degrees in the house and its 73 outside.  It is also dark already.  Sunset was a little after 6 pm tonight.  The moonrise is going to be after 8 tonight.  Tomorrow is going to be in the 80’s and by next week there should be some rain and back to normal temperatures that for this time of year.

I need to find new sneaker laces because a certain young lady of the feline persuasion nearly chewed my laces off.  I have shooed (ugh that’s bad) her away and put the sneakers into the closet for now.  I can’t believe this I haven’t even worn them for more than a day and she got to them.

When I got home tonight I had to shower because I had another problem and I am wondering if it was the food I have been eating for the last couple of days.  I started more laundry and will need to move it along soon and do a few other things as well. 

The rest of the night should be quiet and uneventful as I watch episode 14.6 of NCIS.  We find out a little more about Quinn.  You can read more about it in my NCIS blog as well.

Oh got the newest bill from my cable company with the account in my name.  I have to check to see if the account number is the same as Mom’s was or do I Have to set up a whole new online account.  I asked Liz about it but she couldn’t help me at that moment.  We will go over it tomorrow afternoon.  We may not have to the account numbers are the same so I can access and pay the bills from Mom’s number.

Well I have some things to do before going to bed…see you tomorrow.



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