Mid Week Reflection

Well I did some clothes and shoe shopping this weekend and I just got an email alert saying the order was shipped yesterday.  I have no idea if that means I will be getting it on Saturday or early next week.  That will be great because I am tired of wearing same things every other day.

I was supposed to have my infusion this afternoon and made the effort to drink a lot of water.  I almost forgot about it yesterday.  I was afraid the tech would have a problem but it didn’t matter because they didn’t have me down for today.  I was really aggravated.  I even complained about Jennifer’s lack of the Drixoral and Tylenol.  She confessed that she has done it herself.   They had glitches with the computer.  Really?  Well from now on I will ask for a card and attach it to my appointment book.  So we have to do this all again tomorrow during my appointment with Sonia or Anita.  I am not looking forward to telling Supervisor.

I called Liz but she was in the garden working.   She called me when I got back to the house.  We made tentative plans for Saturday’s party.  Nelson may not go because his energy level seems to be waning again and they may not stay more than an hour.  I may go on my own.   Anyway she said things are rather tense in a few of the factions at the Rivera, Maratea branch of the trees.  So if they had an option they would choose limited time spent with all of them.  For me “it’s family” is no longer a good excuse as to why we have to be subjected to bad behavior if we didn’t do anything to deserve it. 

 I heard what sounded like gunshots last night and it turned out to be fireworks.  I couldn’t understand why someone would do that.  No one mentioned it last night or today so I guess I am not. 

The kitties were semi happy to see me when I got home (they walked around and then eventually headed upstairs and were there for the entire hour I snacked and watched part of the NCIS marathon.

I putted around the kitchen and laundry area for a bit and got it straightened up and then took a nap.  I didn’t sleep at all well last night (three hours of sleep).


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