Had No heat this morning

I woke up to cold again. I had been out most of yesterday running errands here and there and then to my great nephew Lucas’ birthday party so I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.  I turned the heat up to 71 and it should have been up there in at least 10 minutes.  While the cats were eating I checked the switch downstairs and it went on but didn’t seem to stay on. So the kitties and I are in the bedroom.  The kitties are sleeping and I was watching Pioneer Woman.  I really love that show.

Yesterday was pretty messy and cold.  I managed to run the errands I needed (the bank, the card store) and then my trip back to the office to pick up the cell phone.  It was really weird being in the office and it was completely dark and no one was there.  I have been there on Saturdays when there was OT but since there is no OT no one was there.

It was still pretty early to go to the party.  So I headed back to the house and found my two suits from Jessica London waiting for me.  I haven’t taken them out yet as I want to take them to Liz’s later and try them on and see if they fit and look good on me.  OF course I still have to call and ask her first.

I had something to eat before the party and still ate lot of things such pigs in the blanket chips and dips and of course stuffed breads, and finally a slice or two of pizza.

There were plenty of friends and family there as well.  The kids did a pumpkin search outside in one fo the moments it wasn’t raining.  Then we had a huge chocolate cake.  After the cake I chatted with some more of the guests and then headed home.  I wasn’t the only one because MY nephews and their families all got ready to leave as well. 

My drive home was fairly uneventful.  I saw parts of the town of Wallingford I only see in passing but I saw some beautiful homes and crossed over a train track.  Of course I got a little nervous because I thought for half a second what would happen if got hit by a train.  Needless to say I worried for nothing.  I got on 91 and headed home. 

The kitties were doing their own thing and I did my own thing.  I eventually got ready for bed and Sky was with me.  At one point Tiger was meow as though she was hurt so I went to her and stayed with her for a bit and then picked her up and carried her back to my room and she curled up with her brother for about 4 hours.  I settled back in the bed with the cpap machine and eventually fell back to sleep.

I made some calls to Liz (she had been sleeping and so we made plans to get together before I went to bingo.   So once the furnace was fixed and did a few more things I got ready to go to Liz’s. 

We went over the catalogs and chatted and then I showed her the suits.  They both need some alterations and they will be a bit tight in the stomach area but they look nice.   The hour passed so quickly and when I found out that my Cousin Donna was coming over for a visit before her and her husband return to North Carolina next week I didn’t go to bingo.

What I ended up doing is staying until 3:30 watching my sister and cousin make postcards.  Something I am considering doing for my pen pals and or friends.  It seems pretty easy.  I can also do Christmas cards too.

I did my grocery shopping and spent a lot of money again.  I was deciding whether or not I should wait on the ingredients for the cheesecake I am bringing at thanksgiving time to Jim and Claudia.  I still have about a month of weekends to do it.  It should keep in the freezer.

I had dinner when I got home and the kitties were doing their own thing again.  They ambled around a few times until it started getting dark and while I was talking with Debra.  They were both right here on the bed with me until about 10 minutes ago.  Sky is still there but Tiger is elsewhere.  I am hoping she comes back on her own tonight.

I am starting to get a little tired and have a few more things to do before I get connected to the machine again. 

My phone session with Debra lasted just over thirty minutes.  We talked about the weekend mostly, and over she was quite pleased that I seemed to be on top of everything.  My bills, the housekeeping (if she only knew), family obligations.  We won’t be meeting this coming Thursday but we will probably do another phone session before we meet the following week.

I can’t keep my eyes opened.  I better say good night (and stop rambling).  Have a great one.


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