Crazy busy again

Monday is becoming a distant memory now.  Nothing happened in a bad way but now that it is Tuesday all I can remember is work was busy, I took my two new suits to the cleaners to get altered, and had Chinese food for dinner.  I also got on the CPAP machine by 8:30 and didn’t feeling like writing yesterday.

Well I should be starting to get phone calls from parishioners who want to attend the auction in November.  The announcement was in this past weekend’s bulletin. I sent a message to Liz this morning to see if she noticed.  Around Lunchtime I heard from her.  She thought the prices for the suits alteration was steep but she didn’t see the auction announcement.

No news from the Woman’s club except I didn’t go to bingo on Sunday.  I may have mentioned that Sunday night.  I haven’t had any more orders for the pies or the dog treats but I am pleased with the turn out so far.  It’s more than in years past.

We are doing the Veteran’s Day Activity at the Birmingham rest Home in Ansonia on November 6th but I since I have missed Bingo twice in a row this month I think I better attend bingo instead.  I had planned on attending the Veteran’s Day service but I think I better not.

The regular DTC meeting is this Thursday.  I plan on attending (I think I missed it last month) this month.  Between this meeting and the 4th that’s all I have done this month.  I haven’t done any other canvassing or phone banking in what seems like weeks. I think I am really looking forward to having this election campaigning over with.  Then we can concentrate on the next ones and the other activities we have afterwards.

I so glad Livi came today.  I left a lot of things for her today but I did manage to pick up clothes around the laundry area and refill the dishwasher.  I sent one load of laundry through.  She does a much better job of cleaning the bathrooms then I do. Once everything is in order I can start looking at things and putting them away.

I have been using the cpat machine for three days now.  Last night I got on it early and was off of it by 2 am I think.  I know I am supposed to be on it through the entire night but I didn’t want to be.   I will be making sure I get on it every night.

I talked to DO yesterday.  He was home baking and studying for an annual safety test for JetBlue.  He has to be in Orlando at the end of the week.  Anyway I told him I was going to be with Jim for the holidays.  His response made me want to hit him.  He asked if I was going for Halloween or Thanksgiving!!!! DUH.  He may or may not go to his Aunt’s house.


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