Mid Week Reflection

Well here is the last mid-week reflection for October 2016.  This month has definitely flown by quickly as most month seem to.  I keep thinking as we get closer to the New Year the next couple of months will be incredibly busy.

The weekend was filled with family activities.   Birthdays and just hanging out with family for most of the weekend.  Like I said the next few months will be with family.  This weekend will be fairly quiet I noticed.  Probably a good time to catch up on a few things.

Work has been incredibly busy with the refunds and mail (Not as much mail) but the refunds seem to keep coming.  I don’t mind it because there is a lot to keep in mind.  Made a few mistakes here and there so even though they are not bat shit crazy over it they are patient and that just makes me want to be vigilant at being better at it,  

There were a couple of events in the office honoring and remembering those who had breast cancer.  We contributed and got a mini breakfast and for next three Friday’s we get to wear t-shirts and jeans when we contribute to United Way.  When we wear a sports t-, favorite Superhero and favorite Star wars t-shirt.  Well we all know I don’t have a sports/team shirt, or a favorite superhero tee, or a star wars shirt that will fit me.

The Auction announcement was in last week’s church bulletin and I was expecting tons of phone calls for the tickets.  As of this writing haven’t gotten any.  I suspect they are all calling Janet M for them.  Seriously I don’t think they know me from the whole in the wall.  We have 25 days until the event.  Liz has agreed to attend the event.

The DTC is tomorrow night.  We will be going reviewing the activities of the boards and committees this past month and have updates on campaigns.  I hope it isn’t a long one.


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