Saturday doings

I really hate computers sometimes. Late this afternoon my laptop decided that windows needed an update. Do you know that at 10 to midnight it is still going on? I have had to use my PC in the old room and it had to go through several Norton updates of its own.. Its already slow and I still have lots of stuff to move around and update from when I was doing on the laptop.

Besides the computer issues today has been fairly quiet. I did a little bit of laundry, made pizza for lunch and a couple of frozen dinners from lean cuisine for dinner. I also have been grazing on stuff as well. I watched TV did some surfing on the laptop until the big update occurred.

I called Mama J this morning and talked with her for quite some time. I had received some news about her family from DeniseK at work. I wanted to call her then but Denise felt it would be better to wait because she was upset still. The news and further story was that J’s daughter and family had a house fire in the last ten days and it gutted the kitchen, the living room. Now her family is spread all over and unfortunately Christina (J’s daughter) hasn’t been well either. They will be displaced from their home for six months. They are struggling with this and other challenges as well. J has been so upset and feeling guilty that she can’t do anything to help. As we finished the phone call we promised to call each other again soon and she even told me I could call her as late as 9 pm.

After finding out I missed a call from Mama R last night I called her mid morning. She called me back late this afternoon. They are fine. They have settled back in from their trip to see their Daughter. We got to talking politics when she told me her state had early voting. There was a name that she didn’t vote on (for judges) and so she didn’t. She told me she was going to a neighborhood open house for Halloween tonight. She said the neighborhood has grown to 46 houses now. Now if she would just go join one of the many woman’s clubs in the area I would be very happy.

Did you know today was National Cat Day? I had forgotten about it until I saw a post from my Friend John and his wife MaryAnn cooing over their cats. If I had known it was National Cat Day I would have spoiled my two babes even more. As it is they are both sleeping on the bed where I am heading now.

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