Should be fairly quiet

This morning should be fairly quiet.  IF I wouldn’t keep swearing at the 2 pcs in the house for being either too slow or not removing some AVG scan box that constantly scans.  The laptop is apparently still doing whatever it’s doing.  My Plans were to go to church and then bingo.   I have some laundry to still do and to fold.

Tonight is Mischief Night.  Over the years I didn’t do much of this activity because I didn’t see the point..  I did find some interesting info here about mischief night.  I realize this site in which I have given credit isn’t alway reliable but it suits me for this purpose.  There aren’t that many kids around here so I doubt anything will happen.  Unless my neighbors daughters has friends over but they don’t seem to be the type to do that.

The kitties are relaxing somewhere around here.  A few  times they have been in my old room trying to get into the closet but I shooed them away.  They have been sleeping at night at my feet and haven’t done too much wrestling which is good.  I noticed Tiger didn’t eat much of her breakfast yesterday so I gave her something else today and I think she ate most of it.

I got an invite a little while ago to stop by and have coffee with Liz before Bingo.  So I better get ready for that.


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