The afternoon got quiet

I can’t believe it is after 3:30 in the afternoon.  The morning went by very quickly.  I got to Nancy and Patrick’s house just before 9:30.  I spent nearly an hour and half there.  Preston reacted the way he usually does when he first sees me.  A topic that we discussed at great lengths.  As Olivia the daughter says its protective aggressive behavior.  At one point Patrick had me treat Preston with bits of bagels.  He happily accepted but other than that this is going to be the way it happens.   

It was nearly 11 when I left and I was heading towards the center of town.  I pulled over to the Presbyterian Church parking lot and made some calls.  Some were successful some not so much.  The successful one was to Liz.  We chatted and then made arrangements to get together for coffee and..

When I arrived she was still sitting in her car but Nelson was out doing his KOFC activities.  WE spent about an hour together talking about memories, computer problems she was having, and various other things.  We said our goodbyes and promised to see each other tomorrow at the 7am mass for coffee. 

From there I headed back to Walgreen’s to pick up the prescriptions and made lunch order to Pop’s Diner.  When I got home the kitties were relaxing. 

Since I have been home I did some laundry and hung some clothes while the kittens went back to sleep.  Tiger just came out from her recliner spot.  Sky is on the swivel chair in the office.  I made an effort to clean off the tea table of all the old papers and magazines.  Some of the magazines I kept…I should call them catalogs.

I was thinking of going to get more kitty litter and go grocery shopping but now I am tired and don’t want to go anywhere.  I am telling myself it’s to get ready for the long day I am going to be having tomorrow.

I have already mentioned the social hours after all the masses well I have to be there to sell the tickets after all the masses from 7 am to 12.  I don’t think I can attend the mass prior but I could always ask.   Then I have the Veteran’s day services at the nursing home in Ansonia/Derby. That will take about an hour and should be very nice.

I talked with Dr. T while I was at Liz’s house.  I was trying to contact her to see if she was able to open the doc up that I sent her and she wasn’t.  She asked for a quick summary and if I could bring it with me for the meeting and I agreed.  So I have that ready for tomorrow.

I have the suit all picked out I will have to iron it later.  I have a blouse picked out that has gold design on it but I am not sure it will go well with it.

Well the battery is running low so I am going to shut down for a while and maybe take a nap and finish watching the NCIS marathon and tackle some letters I have been needing to get too.



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