A long eventful Day

I just wanted to catch everyone up before I crash for the night.  Today was the “coffee and “event at church today and It went exceedingly well.  I managed to sell more tickets before leaving there this afternoon.  Even with the time change I made it then in good time (ten minutes before the mass was to start) .  As I went into the vestibule I met up with Liz and Nelson and we sat together.  I had sent her a message to get up but she didn’t reply.  It probably would have been some smart ass remark.   I was quite surprised at the number of people who attended the mass at that hour of the morning.  However they didn’t come to the coffee.  As the morning progressed though it was a different story.  It was almost quarter of 1 by the time I left.

My hope was to go home get some sort of lunch but by the time I got home it wasn’t to be.  I had enough time to check on the kitties who left me a gift in the back and then turn around to go out to Derby for the Veteran’s Day event at the nursing home.  There were a lot of girls including the international students.  We may have a couple more new members for the girls club.  The activity didn’t begin until after 2 but it went very well.  The girls all did their parts exceedingly well even if they were shy about doing it.  WE had found there was an accident on the route I would have taken back home so I took a drive to Shelton and ended up by Sikorsky factory.  I had planned on going to the grocery store but forgot I don’t have my stop and shop card any more.  So I stopped and got the kitty litter instead.  I was home by 4.

When I got home Sky was waiting for me on the couch and Tiger had been under the recliner until 6.  I decided to relax and then get dinner (left over spaghetti).  I fell asleep for a bit.  Then I got up and began to do some chores.  I cleaned up the hairball, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned out the litter box, did some laundry and folded clothes.  All before 8.  I spent some time with Tiger on the cough and she was very cuddly.  Sky came down from upstairs and they both wanted attention. 

Around 8 I headed upstairs.  I had done all that I wanted to do before going to bed.  Sky came first and then I heard Tiger meowing so I went down and after 20 minutes of trying to get it to come to sort of corner her on the couch picked her up and walked her upstairs.  She cuddled next to my legs for a bit and then sky came back to the bed.  I am not sure how that happened but he cuddled with me and then went to cuddle and fall asleep next to his sister (and that’s where they are now).  I am not sure how long they will be there.  Especially with the time change. 

I am quite surprised that I have somehow gotten my second wind.  Although it is fading fast as I am growing tired again.  I still have so much to accomplish but it will have to wait.

Monday is a regular work day but not major plans after work except bookkeeping and grocery shopping.  I have been putting off the book keeping again but I have also put off the grocery shopping because of the book keeping. 

Tuesday of course is Election and I am going to try and vote in the morning because I need to be at headquarters after work,  I usually sign up to be one of the many greeters at the polls but I just didn’t do that this year. I hope all of our local candidate win their campaigns.  I will be so happy when this election is over though.  But will it really be over? 

Wednesday I have couple of meetings and a dentist appointment.  Then I get ready for the following weekend.

Thursday quiet

Friday will be Veteran’s day and probably light mail volume so it will be mostly refund checks.  Quiet end to the week no doubt. 

Saturday I have no plans.

Sunday My regular Sunday with a visit to Preston and Vlad.  I really enjoyed my visit with Vlad last week so I don’t expect problems with him at all.  My hope is there won’t be any major problems with Preston.


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