Monday Musings

The start of the work week is going a little slow.  First thing this morning was insurance refunds that needed to be mailed.  Got all but one out for the 9 am pick up.  The next one will be tomorrow.  There are no current batches of Insurance ready to be mailed that I know of.  I will have to check with MC and or JK.

The mail volume was light.  I have most of it done right now and waiting for more from Guardian Angel.  That should be in the next couple of hours.  the Healthlogic stuff came around quarter of 2.   They make me worried when he does this.   I have already made labels for the re-address mail and that will be done at 3 as last minute stuff.

One of our co-workers DK returned from a medical leave.  She donated a kidney to her husband!!!.  I don’t remember how long she was out but her BIL came and took care of them both.  She has lifting restrictions and I guess back full time until she can’t do it.

We got another email alert informing us that another student or associate of Calhoun College died unexpectedly.  Her name was Ra Na Lee.  She wasn’t enrolled in Calhoun (and I found this confusing) but she was a future student???Her father in law was CEO of CJ Group a holding company.

After work I went grocery shopping and it took me an hour but I had ran into a co-worker and we stood there talking for quite awhile.  I got home by 6 and put them away and made dinner and then cleaned up the litter box and a few things there.

I finally got a phone call about the auction.  However it was a person who wanted to donate and so I told her she could bring it to my co-pilot JM.  Neither of us had her phone number near by.  I should have had the binder with me.

Sen. G Slossberg called me to ask me to stand at the polls tomorrow night so from 4-7 that’s what I will be doing.  Then to headquarters for the “after election” party.

For now though going to bed…


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