Veteran’s Day 2016

To all those who reading, following this blog and are currently or formerly in the Military I send my thanks to you for dedication of service and to our protection of freedoms.

Many are taking today off.  Some schools have a holiday while others do not.  I am not sure what the rationale is behind that but here at the University we don’t have all the US holidays off.  That’s why we have the ten day recess in December.  So I have been told.  All the parades and services were earlier this week.

I tried to take  another route to work this morning.  If I continue to take the same route I need to leave at least 15 minutes earlier than I did this morning.  I am tired of being frustrated with 95 (like everyone else is).  Luckily the traffic was lighter than usual but it could have been because of the holiday.

Today was quiet and I had done some mail and personal refunds all in the morning The afternoon consisted of readdress mail, and straightening up .

Tonight I had spaghetti with wheat pasta very nice.  It didn’t fill me but I had enough that I don’t want anymore tonight.  I was going to make the meatloaf but I need to review the ingredients.  I actually have to get a few more things so i will do it tomorrow.

I have finally been getting a few calls about the auction.  A couple of people wanted to donate stuff and so I just made arrangements to meet someone tomorrow to pick it up and I will have to take to Janet’s house but she told me on the phone tonight that after this we can’t accept anymore.  It is very early meet so I will be getting ready for bed soon.  I did actually get a couple of people to want tickets.

Well i am going to have say good night as i am getting tired.  Be well everyone.


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