Did pretty well today

I left here some time after 7 and arrived by the agreed upon time.  I sat for a few minutes waiting and then noticed the elderly lady walking towards the car.  We chatted and then got to point of the matter she gave me a few things and we parted ways.  It didn’t take more than ten minutes and I headed to Janet’s house.  I was worrying if the time was too early (it was after 7:30) to be at Janet’s home but it wasn’t they were both up.  I stayed there for nearly an hour and had a nice visit and tour of their home.  I had never been in their home I made a stop several years ago but never went in.

After our visit I headed home. I was trying to decide if I should go to the store to pick up the items I needed to attempt the big cooking session.  I decided to come home and then go back out.  I got a few extra items and then came home.  I was still dragging my feet to start the cooking by 11.

Around noon time I got off my duff and started preparing the meatloaf.  I had the laptop near by so I could refer to it when I needed.  I did a slight variation to the meatloaf,  I didn’t saute the onions as others suggested, I did put the worcestershire sauce in it and instead of salt and pepper I used the Mrs. Dash season.  It was a little mushy when I put it in the dish and I had enough to make two small ones (that are already eaten) and 1 Chicken burger.  It kind of fell apart in the small oven.  Once It was all done i let it cool and then wrapped it in aluminum foil and plastic bag and put it in the freezer.  I think I should have wrapped it in wax paper first.

I didn’t clean the kitchen up until much later.  I spent the afternoon literally vegging on TV.  The kittens spent most if not all of the afternoon on my bed.  The only time they left it was around 8 to get some kibble and use the litterbox.  They are both at the foot of the bed again.

I put in a load of laundry in the wash and will finish in the morning.  I have been watching the Lion Witch and The Wardrobe a little and the CHurchill Secrets.  It first aired in the UK in February of this year.   I had to to turn it off because it was unsettling but overall very good.

I was sure that having regular coffee would keep me up but I am starting to get really sleepy so I a heading to bed.  I guess the breakfast deal is a bust. 😦  Liz invited me or did I say that already?

The temperatures outside is 48 degrees right now.  I have the heat turned down to 65 and it does feel much colder than two hours ago.  It is supposed to stay in the 50’s I think tomorrow.  Not as windy as Friday night.


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