I was really anxious this morning waiting for 10 am to roll around for the photo shoot.  We had it done in the lobby (the only logical place).  It took the 30 minutes.    I was worried the suit didn’t look that great or the hair just wasn’t right but the photographer took lots of them.  A few people looked at us oddly but it was the only place that was good enough.  She said she would send me a few as soon as she could (she has many people to do before she gets to sending them out).  Once I get them I will post them for you all to see.

It took me a long time to go to sleep last night.  I think it was the regular cup of coffee I had earlier in the day.  I tried everything.   I finally did go to sleep and woke up around 5.

I also had problems with the CPAP. The water reservoir  wouldn’t come out easily and tis not the first time.  I will have to call them when I get home or tomorrow sometime.

I talked with Debra this afternoon.  We are trying to schedule a phone session as this week isn’t working for me and next week is thanksgiving. I am just waiting to hear back from her about it.

I haven’t received the checks for the auction dinner from people who said they want to go.  If I don’t get it until Thursday then I am going to hand deliver it to them.  I need to set aside three for someone who will pay at the door.

When I arrived home I saw trucks and equipment across the street where the future housing project is supposed to start.  There weren’t a lot just a flat bed and hoe.  A couple of guys locking up.  Not sure how long it will take (but it should prove interesting during the upcoming holidays and winter.

I had steak for dinner.  It was delicious.  For some reason TNT is airing the Star Wars Empire strikes back and ROTJ tonight before it’s “Good Behavior” premiere.  I am thinking it’s more in line with the Star Wars Rogue premiere next month.

The kitties greeted me at the door this evening.  Then took off for points unknown..  Sky sat above me a couple of times and Tiger just came down from somewhere and is munching on kibble.

I actually fell asleep watching TV.  Now that i am awake again I am settling in to watch NCIS and then I will go to


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