Mid Week Reflection

This past weekend was about cooking and family.  I finally got to make the chicken loaf x3 (2 small ones that were eaten within 6 hours of being cooked).  On Sunday I had lunch with my sister and her family.  It was quite a lot of fun.

Earlier this week I had my photo shoot for the Long Term Service award yearbook.  I hope to share  them with all of you when I get the opportunity.  

Today is the local 34 membership meeting and rally afterwards.  It sounds like some progress was made and some that needs to be worked on.  Our Union Stewards seem to think that by the next meeting we will be able to approve/and vote on a new contract.  That would be great.  Not have to worry about it during the holidays.

Speaking of which.  I now have to focus on getting ready for my Thanksgiving trip to Allentown.  That means making sure things around here are taken care of.  I need to get baking done, get the car washed so it doesn’t look like crap.  Make sure my outfits I am wearing are ready. All at the same time as the auction.

I haven’t gotten the checks from the people who said they would mail it so I sent a message to Suzanne and Janet and Janet and I will be discussing it on the phone tonight.  I hope it isn’t too late or what ever.  

I won’t be having much dinner tonight.  I had a big lunch from Paula’s restaurant that reopened after an explosion last week.  I also had some free appetizers prior to the meeting.


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