Huge Success

It is the morning after the Auction and I would have to say it was a huge success.  There were about 90 people in attendance.  The food was great and the auction was fun.  I managed to bid on a few items (such as movie basket, and some other things) I made myself a limit on the bids no higher than $50.

Liz called me on my way to pick her up (I was going to be early anyway) and said she was running late and she would meet me there.  I really was not surprised but I was a little annoyed.  She doesn’t realize how much she is like Mom in that aspect but there was no reason to make her feel worse about it.  I stopped at Walgreen’s and got money and then headed to the school.

I was early so I waited for a bit and then voila! Lights on and i went in and took my place.  I found a table for LIz and myself and as time went on noticed it was still empty so by the time Liz came I moved us to another shared table.  Glad we did.  One of the couples there lost their 13 year old son to cancer a few years ago.  They are on some level still grieving but trying to cope. I learned a lot about them after the event.

This morning early on I started the no bake cream cheese.  I got up around 5:30 and took out the cream cheese to let it come to room temp.  I went back to bed until 6 and then began the whole process just the way I did at Liz’s last two months ago.  Unfortunately it seems a little thick and there was a great deal left over.  I have it already freezing and didn’t put any extra chocolate chips on it and am currently eating the leftover filling.  The kitchen still needs to be cleaned. I did make sure to put things (ingredients) away as I was working but I still have to clean the beaters and the utensils.

Around 9:30  I called a couple of girls club members to see if they want rides to Dr. T’s house for the PITS and Dog treat activity.   They both ended up bailing.  They have too much to study for.  I found out last night while talking to Telka on the phone before the auction that they needed rides as their host Mom just had surgery and can’t really do anything.

Sky slept with me for most of last night and Tiger I am not so sure where she slept.  I know that I gave her too many treats yesterday because she rolfed them up on the sofa recliner this morning.

Well the kitchen is not getting cleaned by itself so I will take off for now.  I will see you all later….


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