Made it safely

I made it safely to Allentown despite the fact that I didn’t leave until after 6 and forgetting my suit that I was going to wear tomorrow.    I some how misplaced my eyeglass case with the regular glasses in them and I could have sworn I had them when I left the house. I got to the bank with no problem and headed to the parkway but the GPS insisted I take 95 instead. When I finally got to the merritt it wanted me to take route 8 up to the Northern part of the state into NY.  Once I got to where I was fairly familiar I was fine.  Until the GPS wanted me to take Garden STate Parkway…through the GWB and the other tunnels.  So after a little anxiety sessions I turned back to 287 and started from scratch. Just before I got to the tappan zee bridge I got off at NYack and rt 303 and found the direction I needed to be eventually I was on the way to Jim’s.  I got there about 10 and started unpacking a few minutes later Jim came home.

We relaxed and chatted until I got a phonecall.  IT was Liz…we talked about leaving the suit at home and that I got lost (a little) but she was very impressed that i got here.  She was encouraging me to not beat myself up.  I told her I did a lot of deep breathing exercises.

After that Jim did some cleaning of his car and the front door.  Afterwards we took a 1 1/2 mile trek in Trexler Park.  WE talked about work, retirement, and health I think we had a great time.  When we finished we came back to the house he made some phone calls and I jumped on here.

Jim went to lunchtime meeting until about 2 and I watched TV got a chance to see a show I don’t get to see much in Connecticut.  The big Valley.  We used to get me TV but we don’t anymore.  Rambling…anyway I went to Wegman’s and got one of their salads.  I can’t believe how much it has changed since I was here last.

Jim came home a while later and we went out to the book store at LeHigh Valley Mall.  It reminds of the one in North Carolina that Mama Roberta and Papa Mike brought me to survive the heatwave.

Once we finished the bookstore we headed to the the movie theater to get the times of the movies we decided we would go see.  This jackass as he is walking by us turns around and stands right in front of our window (we were sitting in the car) blocking our view.  He gets in our face can I help you and jim explained to him and the guy told Jim he almost hit the big asshole.  Well of course Jim felt terrible.  I told him know he didn’t the guy was being a sh*thead.  Anyway we got the times and headed home for 45 minutes.

We went to Applebee’s in town for dinner Jim had some steak dinner and I had the Thai Shrimp salad with dressing and tea.  It gave us about about an hour before the movies.  We headed to the AMC theater over on Citronia.

We chose Fantastic BEasts and where to find them.  We had reclining seats and were they ever comfortable.  We chose seats (very few theaters do that I think) second row and it was great.  Three d effects were great.  I recognized a few voices.  We got out of the movie just about 10 and now settling in for the night.

It looks like I have made a new friend.  “Kitten” my brother’s cat has allowed me to pet her, she has come when I called and sat with me and she cuddled on the bed for a bit and now took off to be with her Dad.

Tomorrow I will have some time to myself so I probably will relax while Jim does some of his daily stuff.  We will be going to his Ex’s house around 2 where we will have dinner with his family, and Claudia’s Sister’s family whom I haven’t seen in quite sometime actually.  I had a feeling they would be there.

Afterwards Jim has an early evening meeting and then we may go to another movie (either Dr. Strangelove or Trolls).


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