Thanksgiving Night

Is currently after 10 o’clock after a long and festive afternoon. Jimmy sleeping because he has to be at work tomorrow by 9 and I’m just trying to get my laptop working.

Dinner at my sister-in-law’s was fine a little hectic and someone hyper for me. Civil conversations going at once people talking over each other which makes me very uncomfortable. I guess that’s an indication that I need to just sit back and listen and do one-on-one instead.

It was really great to see K RIS and he seems very happy. Talked about living in City of Denver would rather be out in the mountains. He is a dog walker and is learning more and more about it.

Jim had to leave around 4 for meeting but I stayed until 6 and Emily  drove  me back here. Jim was here when I got home. After Emily left we chatted and we decided that we weren’t going out to the movies.

I’ve been on my laptop and I think the Chargers now completely dead. And I made it hit it against something and now it won’t even start. So I kept putting it off so I just hope something bad hasn’t happened to it

I sent some ecards tonight in the may have to tweak it a little does it mean not very organized about it

Jim has to work tomorrow so I’ll spend most the morning alone. When he comes home we will do lunch movie and dinner.


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