Took Longer than

I have been home Just over 28 hours now and I am glad to be home.  I left just after 10 from Jim’s and then headed to the Highway directly I was supposed to stop for gas before getting on the highway but didn’t until I got to Hellertown PA.  That was 14 miles east of Allentown heading home..  It didn’t take long and I was on my way to my next stop.  Phillipsburg for “brunch”.  I stopped at Perkins and had some pancakes.  I think it may have been sometime near noon when I was on the road again..  I didn’t have any real problems until I almost went the wrong direction I needed to go to Morristown.  I noticed I didn’t have any cars behind me and swung over to the Morristown.  The next issue was around Yonkers.  I somehow missed Hutchinson Pkwy and had to turn around..  At least I know where EMpire City CAsino is..  Then I made my way to the Merritt and headed home.  Unfortunately there were not one but two multiple car accidents within 100 feet from each going both ways.  I was cooling my jets for some time,  I posted a picture of the traffic jam and then called Liz.

Once we past the accident I was on my way to my sister’s.  She had just finished working in the yard.  We spent some time drinking coffee and talking about the holiday with the family.  Just basically talking about stuff.  Then after a few attempts and seeing things in the clouds I headed home.

I had heard from Jim via text wondering if I got home alright.  Once I did get home and get reacquainted with the cats.  I called him and told him of my “adventures”.  Not sure he was thrilled with it. But oh well.

The cats.  They were so damn funny.  Sky was sitting on one of the risers on the staircase and his head in between the poles.  He was trying to get out fast that he got stuck and started mewling.  For the next hour and half he stayed by me and he followed me.  He didn’t like it when I picked him up but he was too funny.  Tiger came down rubbed up against my legs and then went back upstairs until I came upstairs for the night.

I ordered Pizza for dinner and relaxed and vegged out.  I did manage to get my laptop going again and I am really hoping I didn’t leave the bad cords with Jim..  Especially after checking to see if I had mixed them up.

I went to bed and started not feeling well.  I had acid reflux and ended up getting sick to my stomach.  I even had a nose bleed and not sure what that was about.  I eventually went to sleep and the kitties did too.

This morning was going back to a normal routine.  Sleeping in as much as I could, watching TV, and listening to sky continuous plea to either go downstairs or get my attention.  So I went to him  a few times and cuddled with him and then went back to watching TV or sleeping.

As the afternoon approached I  got ready for bingo.  I noticed my neighbors returning from their holiday weekend and getting into the normal routine of theirs.  I went to the store, got some cards, went to the coffee shopping and got coffee and a doughnut..  THen it was off to bingo.

Bingo went well we had nearly 20 residents and Bob the recreation member was there.  He was getting residents and had started setting up.  We got caught up on stuff, and played for an hour.  One resident I have known for a while as Mr. H passed away since my last visit.  The hallways are all decorated with the Wreath raffle..  It looks lovely.

After Bingo I called my cousins who just became grandparents before Thanksgiving.  They were not home. So I headed home myself.  I never made it to the grocery store.  By then I was tired. I did stop at the Post office.

The rest of the night I was watching TV, surfing the net, and grazing.  I got some laundry going and straightened the kitchen and now I think I should go to sleep.

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