Back to reality

I would have written sometime yesterday but by the time I got home I was so tired and not feeling well that I just went to bed early.  

Work was fairly quiet but I had lots to do.  I worked on the refunds for most of the morning and readdress mail for the other part and I did some eob sorting.  Still have lots to do there.

I had my session with the health coach and it went well.  We reviewed the fitness pal site I have been using and what I need to do to tweak it a little bit.  She sent me a holiday package preparation and guidebook for the holidays.

My ride home last night was horrible.  I left the Health plan a little after 5 and drove through the city to my normal route and decided not to get on the highway at all.  I was very close to take this one route but it had been blocked off and so i went down a couple more blocks by the VA hospital and it took FOREVER.  I finally got on the highway and it was still heavy but moving.  It was almost 6 by this time and I was so hungry and tired and had a headache I knew i wasn’t going grocery shopping.  I did stop at Adams for Dinner and then went home.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one not feeling well.  Apparently one of the kitties wasn’t feeling well . There was a Puddle of poo in the box.    I didn’t see any other evidence of it so I will clean it later on today.

Like I said lots to catch up on today for work but I have a committee meeting at lunchtime.  I am pretty sure we will discuss the solidarity march tomorrow afternoon.  

After work I will go grocery shopping and then settle in for the night.  Its Rudolph the Reindeer before NCIS.  


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