Mid Week Reflection

This week I feel like I have been coming home late every night.  I found myself saying just once I would like to get home before the sun drops.  That may be possible by Friday.

Work has been about getting back into routine and playing catch up.  I think I may accomplish that by Friday as well.  It is also Month End.  So that means trying to get the big AR in as much as possible.   We had a Union Solidarity Rally this evening after work.  It is on my facebook page.  My very first video post.  There is a United Way Bake Sale next month and yours truly volunteered to make the cheesecake again.  

I met with Courtney the Health and i managed to still lose one pound despite the food I ate.  Still working with the MYFITNESSPal site almost daily.  She sent me a tool for holiday eating preparations I need to take a look at soon.

We have been getting a semi healthy dose of rain the last couple of days. It hasn’t gotten us off the drought advisory or drought watch for the state but it is a start.  According to a few people if it were snow it would be 20 feet.

I received some sad news this evening.  My friend David lost his Uncle yesterday to respiratory failure.  I probably didn’t say that right but he has been in the hospital with collapsed lung issues.  Dave had told me he got worse over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I didn’t expect it to be this quick or soon.  The services are for Monday full Military at the cemetery

Milford had some excitement today.  There was a bank robbery about half mile from my house.  The guy is still on the run and now there is a reward out for information.  There was also an accident near the Mall where there were three suspects running two were captured the other was still on the run.  I am not sure if these two were related but you can bet I have locked the doors to everywhere.

Well I have done laundry, cleaned out the litter boxes and refilled them .  I think it’s time for me to go to bed.


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